Match Reports 2017

v Aldbourne Sun 10 September 2017 (Win)

Here already, the final game of the season and after a delay of 21/2 hours for drizzle a shorter overs version of the game got underway.
Bating first Aldbourne scored 134 for 7 off their 25 overs. 9 bowlers were used with five of them taking a wicket, the best being 1 for 2 from Angus. Rob L did take a brilliant( or lucky) catch and Dave managed to put two down. Our response did not get off to a best of starts, with Andrew out for nought after 3 balls and Wes following him for nought in the third over. Rob W held the innings together, carrying his bat for 67* ( his fifty off 61 balls in 69 mins). Ablely supported by knocks from Fiz of 27 and Dave 23*, Rob W had the final say, hitting the winning runs with a four to win the game with 7 balls to spare.
Club PB’s to new boy Chris; 1 for 22
Aldbourne 134 for 7
Angus 3o 1m 2r 1w, Rob L 3o 0m 13r 0w, Josh 3o 0m 6r 0w, Chris 3o 0m 22r 1w, Tom 3o0m 19r 1w, Fiz 3o 0m 11r 0w, Dave 3o 0m 24r 1w, Andrew 3o 0m 27r 1w, Mike 1o 0m 7r 1w
Mt Edgcumbe 137 for 5
Andrew Ware 0 (1 catch), Rob Way 67*, Wes Tunbridge 0, Mike Payn 6, Fiz Abdullah 27, Jon Way 6 (1 stumping, 1 runout assist), Dave (1 catch), DNB Tom Payn, Josh Payn, Chris Baskerville, Angus Gourlay, Rob Lock (1 catch, 1 run out)
Thanks to Angus for proving the teas.
Another season over, but for those interested in playing or just watching, the indoor cricket starts in October. Fixtures will be circulated when they are available and with plans for an end of season/Christmas get together and next season cricket tour being put together, it just remains for me to say ;
A thank you to those, that helped on the maintenance of the pavilion and ground, to those that helped on the pitch preparation, to those who helped  to get the gear out, to those that helped put the gear away, to those who obtained water for the matches, to those who provided teas, to those who laid the teas out, to those who washed up afterwards, to those who contributed towards match balls, to those who made donations, to those that turned up to play, to those that organised the teams, to those that ran the club, to those that supported the club and to those I have forgotten to mention above. Thank you all for the season just gone.
Rob (club secretary)
v Exeter Erratics Sun 27 August 2017 (Draw)
Another century and some more fine bowling enabled us to draw today’s game.
Having been put in to bat Andrew batted sensibly through the innings as wickets fell around him, stands of 32 with Jon, 47 with Wes, 33 with Ash and 22 with Angus, the last two setting seasons best for the 9th and 10 wickets. Fiz ran himself out and Andrew carried his bat for 108* as we reached 184 for 9 declared.
Fiz opened the bowling and in a fine spell took 3 for 4, at the other end Angus, who did bowl a batsman out, but it was off a no ball. A wicket apiece for Ash, Andrew and Dave, but once their 5 wicket fell, a draw was inevitable.
Ash Taylor, scored 16 runs, the second best score and took 1 for 40 on his debut.
Mount Edgcumbe 184 for 9 dec
Andrew Ware 108* (1 catch), Dave 1, Tom Payn 1, Jon Way 7, Wes Tunbridge 10, Fiz Abdullah 2, M Payn 4, Abi Matthews 0, George Williams 10, Ash Taylor 16, Angus 1*
Exeter Erratics 149 for 6
Fiz 70 4m 4r 3w, Angus 7o 0m 22r 0w, Ash 6o 0m 40r 1w, George 6o 0m 36r 0w, Andrew 4o 0m 21r 1w, Dave 4o 0m 11r 1w
Thanks to the Payn’s (especially Gill and Keith) for doing the teas and today’s match ball sponsor Stuart White (Vice President).
v Old Sutts 13 August 2017 (Drawn game)
Back at Barrow Park after 5 weeks on the road and a sunny afternoon to greet us for our game against Old Sutts.
Andrew back off holiday and back scoring hundreds, 105 off 130 balls in 142 minutes That gave us the base for our total of 211 for 7 declared, with contributions of 21 from Tom and 37 from Fiz. Andrew’s fifty came off 88 balls and his hundred off 125 balls in 132 mins.
George bowled well and picked up 4 wickets with Dave and Fiz picking up the other 3 between them. The draw came with Old Sutts on 134 for 7, we just couldn’t take the last few wickets.
A little statistic omitted from last weeks report; two season’s best wicket partnerships.
3rd wicket 75 Dave and Tom Payn and Steve Mathis and Rob Lock 2 for the 10th wicket.
Mount Edgcumbe 211 for 7 dec
Andrew Ware 105 (1 catch), Matt Elmer 4, Tom Payn 21, Mike Payn 8, Wes Tunbridge 1, Dave 1, Fiz Abdullah 37, George Williams 5* Angus Gourlay 2*, DNB Josh Payn and Rob Lock.
Old Sutts 134 for 7
Josh 6o 2m 15r 0w, Rob L 6o 0m 21r 0w, George 9o 1m 16r 4w, Angus 5o 1m 14r 0w, Dave 8o 0m 30r 1w, Tom 1o 0m 20r 0w, Fiz 4o 1m 5r 2w
Thanks to the Payn family for the teas and Fiz for sponsoring the match ball.
v Holbeton 6 August 2017
A win by 73 runs yesterday, to bounce back from a couple of defeats,  with contributions from several batsmen that enabled us to reach 192 all out. The pitch that was not easy to score on with ground shots and Dave got to 49, before walking on an LBW appeal. If you thought that strange, Tom then managed to run himself out off a ‘no ball’. Tom scored 34, a PB, that took over 100 mins and 94 balls, the 34 consisted of 4 twos and 26 singles, a fine innings. Some lusty blows from Fiz, 19 and Angus 26, help us set the total. With the ball in hand, wickets fell regularly, with Angus and Dave picking up 2 and Fiz, skittling 3 for 2 runs in 3 overs, eventually they were all out for 119.
Club PB’s     Tom 34
Mount Edgcumbe 192 all out
Rob Way 1, Dave 49, Mike Payn 12, Tom Payn 34, Fiz Abdullah 19, Anton Jesuthasan 0, Angus Gourlay 26, George Williams 1, Josh Payn 2, Steve Mathis 0, Rob Lock 2*
Holbeton 119 all out
George 8o 0m 16r 0w, Angus 8o 1m 32r 2w, Josh 4o 2m 4r 1w, Dave 5.3o 2m 15r 2w, Fiz Abdullah 3o 2m 2r 3w, Tom 4o 0m 10r 1w, Aton 2o 0m 6r 0w, Rob L 3o 0m 28r 0w
Next game at home against Old Sutts on Sunday 13 August, contact Rob Lock if available.
Please note that the game on the Friday 18th August against Southwell Rambles, has been cancelled, as the Ramblers are not touring for the first time in forty years.
v Stoke Fleming and Blackawton 23 July 2017
Well, no loss is a good one and this one was by 120 runs.

Tight bowling early on made it difficult for the opposition to score quickly, only passing the 100 mark in the 25 over, two wickets apiece from Angus and Fiz and the total we were chasing was 222 to win. Rob conceded no byes in a spell as wicket keeper, when he took over from Jon who got a bump on the head.
We didn’t get off to the best of starts, two previous centurions, Andrew and Jon both going cheaply, closely followed by three more quick wickets. So with the score at 18 for 5 Fiz and Rob came together for a 40+ minute partnership worth 71 runs, Robs contribution a valuable 4. Fiz was out for 68 with his fifty off 32 balls in 39 minutes. A few lusty blows from Angus and resolute defence from Josh, but we were all out for 101 runs in the 24 over. (no consolation but we were ahead of the required run rate!)
Stoke Fleming and Blackawton 221 for 6
Angus 8o 2m 26r 2w Rob 5o 1m 14r 0w Josh 6o 0m 24r 1w Andrew 6o 0m 35r 0w Dave 7o 1m 54r 1w Fiz 6o 1m 22r 2w Tom 2o 0m 21r 0w
Mount Edgcumbe 101 all out
Andrew Ware 8, Jon Cummings 2, Tom Payn 1, M Payn 0, Fiz Abdullah 68, Dave 2, Rob Lock 4, Angus Gourlay 8, Josh Payn 1
No Game next week, please contact Rob Lock ( 07773 329660 ) if available for the away game at Holbeton on the 6th Aug
v Aldbourne 16 July 2017
Tom bigged up his mate Rory, as a good fielder and someone who can hit the ball hard.
Well, a bad drop off the second ball (Rory) allowed the batsmen to make 53, their highest score. Along with about 6 more drops, a couple of routine catches from Gary and an outstanding catch by Andrew they were all out off the last ball for 215. All the bowlers got wickets with Rob and Dave getting two apiece and a total of three run outs.
We started well with Tom and Ken putting on 97 for the first wicket when Tom was out for 38, the following three batsmen were all out for 9, struggling to get going. Rory was promoted up the order to add that needed impetus to the innings, oh dear, a golden, that didn’t work skip!  Ken was keeping us in touch until he broke his bat and had to change it, after which he could hit nothing, finishing his innings with eleven singles with the new bat. The old bat managed 19 fours and 2 sixes, with a fifty in 61 balls off 46 mins and a hundred off 98 balls in 98 mins, he finished on 121*.
Another game against Aldbourne we could have won!   Reaching 210 off our forty overs. A good game.
Aldbourne 215 all out
Rob 9o 1m 36r 2w Andrew 10o 2m 33r 1w Dave 10o 2m 38r 2w Ken 4o 0m 36r 1w Dave 7o 0m 51r 1w
Mount Edgcumbe 210 for 5
Ken Griffith 121* Tom Carpenter 38 (1 stumping) Andrew Ware 9 (1 catch + Run out) Gary Murton 9 (2 catches) Steve Mathis 9 Rory Kelleher 0 (golden + Run out, he did contribute) Dave Murton 9* DNB: Finley Murton (welcome to Mt Edgcumbe) Dave (Run out) Peter Ireland Rob Lock
Also in the touring party was Dave Shattock and Robert De Viell
Thanks to Fiz for providing the match ball, and Rose sends her regards to all ex tourers.
Please contact Andrew if available  for the next game away to Stoke Fleming and Blackawton.
v Yelverton  9 July 2017
Another victory, comfortable even.
Chasing 169, Jon carried his bat for 88* with support from Wes and Fiz for two 50+ partnerships and Tom again scoring a PB.
Batting first Yelverton got off to a slow start with impetus coming in the middle order and again with the tail to eventually reach 169 all out at tea.
Best of the bowling saw Angus pick up 2 wickets and George 3.
Two dismissals for Jon, a catch and a stumping and a fifty off 42 balls in 47 mins
Even Mike batted sensibly for 7* supporting Jon through to the winning run.
Yelverton 169 all out
Angus 8o 2m 15r 2w,  Andrew 6o 2m 9r 0w,  Josh 7o 0m 34r 0w,  George 12o 1m 55r 3w,  Dave 6o 1m 16r 1w,  Mike 2o 0m 21r 0 w (expensive!), Tom 1.2o 0m 11r 1w
Mount Edgcumbe 170 for 3
Jon Cummings 88* (1 catch, 1 stumping), Wes Tunbridge 13, Fiz Abdullah 35, Tom Payn 19 (Runout), Mike Payn 7* DNB Abi Matthews, Andrew Ware, Dave (Runout), Josh Payn, George Williams, Angus Gourlay (1 catch)
Thanks to Tea providers Mr and Mrs Wes and match ball sponsor Dave Rosson, Vice President.
The next games are the tour and then back to play Stoke Fleming and Blackawton on Sunday 23 July. Please let Andy know your availability for that game and the games coming in August.
v Menheniot 2 July 2017
A wicket in the last over to Fiz, gained us a victory. Batting first we reached 208 for 7 declared at tea. Assisted by scores of 21 from Rob W, 46 top score from Fiz, 21 from Tom V and 40* from Andrew. In reply Menheniot tried to hang on for a draw, but their last wicket fell with 5 balls to spare. Wickets to Angus 2, Dave 3, Clive 2 and Fiz 1 saw the opposition dismissed for 123.
Club PB’s:
Tom 21
Mount Edgcumbe 208 for 7
Matt Elmer 13, Rob Way 21, Wes Tunbridge 11, Fiz Abdullah 46, Tom Vowler 21, Andrew Ware 40*, George Williams 15, Angus Gourlay 1, Dave 5* Clive Holding DNB
Menheniot 123 all out
Angus 9o 1m 30r 2w, George 8o 2m 17r 0w, Dave 10o 1m 35r 3w, Clive 8o 1m 32r 2w, Fiz 1.1o 0m 1r 1w
Thanks to the tea provider(s), scorers and Fiz for donating a box of balls.
v Cheesewring 25 June 2017
A game we could have won, but a game we didn’t loose and a fine innings from Rob Way of 92* saw him carry his bat, with his fifty off 75 balls in 80 mins.
Cheeswring got off to a good start and we thought we might be chasing a big score, but as wickets fell the runs slowed up an they declared on 186 for 6 at tea, Tom the best of the bowlers picking up 3 for 26 (come on Josh!)
In reply Andrew and Rob W put on 66 for the first wicket, but Andrew was out for 39, a relative failure for him this season. Rob was ably supported through the innings, but no one produced the spark needed to score quick runs. At the end of the game we were 177 for 5, agonisingly close to the win.
Cheesewring 186 for 6
George 9o 2m 34r 0w  Angus 10o 2m 37r 1w  Rob L 7o 1m 31r 1w  Josh 6o 1m 21r 0w  Tom 6o 0m 26r 3w  Andrew 4o 0m 20r 0w  Mike P 1o 0m 10r 0w
Mount Edgcumbe 177 for 5
Andrew Ware 39 (2 catches), Rob Way 92*, Mike Payn 5  (1 catch), Tom Payn 9 (Run out), Mike O’Brien-Kelly 1, Graham Wills 3, Angus Gourlay 4* (Run Out Assist), DNB George Williams, Rob Lock, Josh Payn (1 catch), Rob De Viell
Club PB’s:
Rob W 92*, Tom 9, Tom 3 for 26
Thanks to the tea providers, Andrew and Jo, Rob and David Lock and to Fiz for sponsoring the match ball.
Next game, contact Andy with your availability, at home to Menheniot next Sunday.

v Cheesewring 18 June 2017

Well what a game, 36 runs off the bat in an over, our second highest innings score, the best 5th wicket partnership and only the second of 200 runs or more, two centuries in an innings, oh and we also won the game.
Bating first we lost two wickets in consecutive balls in the fifth over and two more in consecutive balls in the ninth over, that brought Andrew and Fiz together for a 200 run partnership. Both players scored centuries Andrew’s fifty off 92 balls in 84 mins, his hundred off 135 balls in 141 mins. Fiz a bit quicker, fifty off 37 balls in 45 mins and hundred off 55 balls in 73 mins, including 6 sixes in one over, and he still didn’t score off two balls. Fiz was out for 119 and Andrew carried his bat for 103* as we finished on 279
On a small ground, scores are often high with Cheesewring making 219 in reply including another century. Matt took the gloves for the first time and only conceded 1 bye and took a catch behind, admirable. A brace of catches for Dave and Fiz, with the earlier bowlers taking a bit of a hammering, Josh picked up 2 and Dave and Tom bowling at the end had the best figures with 4 and 2 apiece.
Mount Edgcumbe 279 for 7
Andrew Ware 103* ( 1 catch) Matt Elmer 5 (1 wk catch) Dave 0 (golden) (2 catches) John Sanders 3 Tom Payn 0 (golden) Fiz Abdullah 119 (2 catches) G Williams 2 Mike Payn 11 Angus Gourlay 6* DNB Josh Payn Rob Lock (1 catch)
Cheesewring 219 all out
George 6o 2m 21r 1w Josh 6o 0m 31r 2w Rob 5o 0m 35r 0w Angus 7o 0m 60r 1w John 3o 0m 36r 0w Dave 5.2o 2m 19r 4w Tom 5o 3m 16r 2w
Club Records:
5th wkt 200 Andrew & Fiz
Club PBs
Fiz 119, Dave 4 for 19, Tom 2 for 16
Next week a return match against Cheesewring at Barrow Park, contact Andrew if available to play.

v Entertainers 11 June 2017

On another drying wicket, this time we had the better conditions and with some of the top batsmen in the runs we easily chased down the the wining total. After a good start with two wickets, one apiece for George and Angus, in the first 4 overs, their third wicket put on 91 runs. They declared their innings on 182 for 9 at tea, with Angus picking up four wickets and Andrew three.

In reply Rob W went cheaply, but a stand of 95, between Matt and Dave, for the second wicket, established a good base for the run chase. Matt was out for a good 41 and Dave 56 and Andrew 54* both scored fifties, Andrew’s brought up by a six over backward square to also win the game. Dave’s fifty came off 58 balls while Andrew’s was a little quicker off 37 balls.
Entertainers 182 for 9 dec.
George 8o 1m 33r 1w, Angus 9o 0m 43r 4 w, Rob L 8o 0m 27r 1w, Josh Payn 7o 1m 30r 1w, Andrew 11o 1m 34r 3w
Mount Edgcumbe 186 for 5
Matt Elmer 41 (2 catches), Rob Way 2 (1 catch), Dave 56 (his first for the club), Andrew Ware 54*, Tom Payn 2, Jon Way 6 (1 stumping), Mike Payn 0*, DNB George Williams, Angus Gourlay (1 catch), Rob lock, Josh Payn
PB’s Matt 41, Dave 56,
Thanks to Rob Way and Lisa and Vicky for the teas and Jon Way for donating the match ball

v PCO 4 June 2017

After a morning of heavy rain, we were put in to bat and found scoring runs difficult. After 25 overs we had 77 runs on the board and it didn’t speed up, finally declaring on 177 for 6 at tea. Andrew passed 50, eventually, with well earned contributions from Matt, Dave and Chris who scored 27* on his debut for the club.
On a drying wicket the opposition made scoring runs look easy, albeit assisted by Angus, who although managing to bowling two maidens, conceded eight fours from his three other overs. Dave was the pick of the bowlers taking all three wickets that fell. In fact for the second week in a row we had the chance of a hat trick, had Matt been able to get a hand to a sharp chance.
PB’s this week for Matt 24, Dave 38, Chris 27* Tom 5*, Dave 3 for 42
Mount Edgcumbe 177 for 6
Andrew Ware 63, Matt Elmer 24, Dave 38, Chris Lomas 1, Mike Payn 0, Chris Marsh 27* Angus Gourlay 8, Tom Payn 5*, DNB Josh Payn and Rob De Viell
PCO 181 for 3
Angus 5o 2m 34r 0w, Josh 6o 2m 29r 0w, Dave 8o 1m 32r 3w, Chris 5o 0m 31r 0w, Tom 3.2o 0m 25r 0w, Mike 2o 0m 12r 0w
Thanks to Mike Payn and family for providing the teas and John Stainfield, Vice President, for sponsoring the match ball.
v Wombats 28 May 2017
On a day when rain and thunderstorms threatened, a victory was secured with only a few light drops of rain, thanks mainly to a thunderous innings of 112* from Fiz. His hundred came off 52 balls (the third quickest for the club) and he finished with a strike rate of 200!
Wombats were struggling, having elected to bat, at 73 for 8 but a wagging tail saw them through to 153 all out. Josh picked up three wickets, including the chance of a hat trick which was missed on this occasion. Wes took a catch, which in itself does not seem unusual, until you realise it was his first and this his fourth season of playing.
After tea we fared no better with the bat, losing six wickets cheaply, all to the same bowler. Then Angus joined Fiz at the crease and with a partnership of 103 for the 7th wicket put us back in the game. A little blip when Angus and another wicket fell quickly, but Rob scored the winning run, robbing Fiz of his moment of glory.
Club PBs for Fiz 112*, Josh 3 for 18, Dave 2 for 13
Wombats 153 all out
Angus Gourlay 6o 0m 26r 1w, Rob Lock 8o 0m 33r 2w, Fiz Abdullah 8o 2m 20r 1w, Josh Payn 6o 1m 18r 3w, Michael Payn 4o 1m 13r 0w, Dave 5.1o 0m 13r 2w, Harry Boulter 2o 0m 14r 0w
Mount Edgcumbe 154 for 8
Andrew Ware 8, John Knowles 12, Wes Tunbridge 0, Michael Payn 0, Fiz Abdullah 112*, Dave 0, Harry Boulter 0, Angus Gourlay 19, Josh Payn 0, Rob Lock 1* Dave Shattock DNB
Teas  and match ball sponsor Rob and Anne De Viell

v Philanthropists 21 May 2017

Please note the swap of fixtures. Sunday 18th June is now away at Cheesewring, and Sunday 25th June is now home to Cheesewring. This was done to avoid the 3 Wishes Faery Festival on at the park on 18th June.

Please also note the 13th to 16th July, cricket tour to the Bath area. Please let Steve Ware know if you intend attending, the more the merrier.
Yesterdays game saw more good batting from the home side with another total of over 200 runs. Fifties from Andrew, and Jon, 40 from Steve and a cameo of 26* off 9 balls from Fiz, meant a total of 234 for 7 declared at tea.
Unfortunately we were unable to bowl out the opposition and with 2 fifties from their batters, they finished on 163 for 6 and the match was drawn, Rob Lock picked up 3 of the wickets.
Mount Edgcumbe 234 for 7 dec.
Andrew Ware 62, Jon Cummings 56, Matt Elmer 6, Steve Mathis 40, Dave 4, Fiz Abdullah 26* Harry Boulter 0, Angus Gourlay 0, Clive Holding  0*, Rob Lock DNB
Philanthropists 163 for 6
Angus Gourlay 7o 3m 13r 0w, Rob Lock 7o 1m 14r 3w, Harry Boulter 4o 0m 27r 1w, Dave 8o 1m 42r 0w, Clive Holding 7o 1m 29r 1w, Matt Elmer 3o 0m 23r 1w
Thanks to Dave and Heather for the Teas, and Stuart White, Vice presedent, for sponsoring the match ball.
v Fortescue 14 May 2017

When was the last time we took four slip catches in a match? It doesn’t happen often, but it enabled us yesterday to a comfortable win against Fortescue. Batting first progress was slow against the opening attack and at drinks we were 79 for 2. With the fall of the third wicket Wes, (a PB of 32 in a stand of 60 with Andrew) saw the introduction of Fiz, who blasted 88* off 62 balls, including 9 fours and 6 sixes. Andrew carried his bat for 85* and we declared on 226 for 3. After tea wickets fell regularly thanks to some sharp slip catches and a juggling one and before we knew it they were struggling on 13 for five. Wickets were shared with Angus and George getting three and Josh and Dave picking up two each, meaning Fortescue were all out for 42.
Mount Edgcumbe 226 for 3 dec.
Andrew Ware 85*, Rob Way 6, Matt Elmer 0, Wes Tunbridge 32, Fiz Abdullah 88*, DNB Dave, Michael Payn, Josh Payn, Rob Lock, George Williams, Angus Gourlay
Fortescue 42 all out
Angus 8o 3m 12r 3w, George 6o 2m 6r 3w, Josh 4o 2m 4r 2w, Dave 2.3o 0m 15r (expensive) 2w
Thanks to Andrew and Donna for the teas and John Fearon, Vice President, for sponsoring the match ball.
v Holbeton 7 May 2017

Not much to report, as today’s match has been cancelled, due to the opposition being unable to raise a side.
Therefore won’t be asking for votes for player of the match.
Contact Andy if available to play any of the remaining games in May:
14-May Fortescue CC
21-May Philanthropists CC
28-May Wombats
07812 609512
01752 350567
v PCS & Roborough 23 April 2017
Our batters did better, but a draw was the result on the day.
Roborough batted first and their innings was divided into three parts. They were out of the blocks quickly, scoring 85 off the first 11 overs for the loss of two wickets. Then only 39 off the next 16 overs for the loss of 5 wickets, but over the remaining 13 overs added another 63 runs.
In reply Rob Way carried his bat for an innings of 146 minutes and 48 * runs, had his timing been there it might have been 148! Andy chipped in with 49, Wes 10, Fiz 29 off 17 balls, shame he didn’t stay for another over or two and Micky 12.
If you would like to pick a player of the match (I wont accept a vote for yourself), let me know your vote and it will be announced in the next match report. Just because you weren’t there is no excuse for not voting.
PCS & Roborough 187 all out
Rob Lock 8.3o 0m 44r 2w, George Williams 5o 0m 51r 1w, Andy Ware 7o 0m 24r 1w, Fiz Abdullah 8o 5m 13r 4w, Micky Gray 7o 2m 22r 1w, Dave 4o 0m 19r 0w
Catches taken by Angus Gourlay, Allan Farley (wk), Andy Ware (2)
Mount Edgcumbe 174 for 5
Andy Ware 49, Rob Way 48*, Wes Tunbridge 10, Fiz Abdullah 29, Micky Gray 12, Dave 2, George Williams 0*, DNB Angus Gourlay, Rob Lock and Allan Farley
No match next week, but let Andy know your availability for the May games all at home;
7-May v Holbeton CC
14-May v Fortescue CC
21-May v Philanthropists CC
28-May v Wombats
Many thanks to George Williams for the teas, the chocolate brownies were sublime!


v Ipplepen 9 April 2017

First game of the season under the belt and a defeat mainly due to the batting. The bowlers did a job in dismissing Ipplepen for 168 runs. However we only manage 129 in reply, mainly thanks to a partnership of 61 between an under par Andy Ware (41) and new boy Dave Bygrave (20). The only other batsmen to make double figures was Adam Dabbs with 14.
Ipplepen 168 all out
Angus Gourlay 2 for 31, George Williams 2 for 23, Adam Dabbs 0 for 23, John Hall 2 for 33, Dave 2 for 18, Matt Elmer 0 for 17 and a dent in my car! Tim Hall 1 for 1.
Mount Edgcumbe 129 all out
Matt Elmer 5, Adam Dabbs 14, Wes Tunbridge 6, Dave 20, Andy Ware 41, Rob Lock 1, John Hall 9, George Williams 1, Angus Gourlay 0, Allan Farley 0 *, Tim Hall 1.
Thanks to Dave Rosson, Vice President, for sponsoring the match ball and Rob Lock for providing the teas.